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Floor Coverings
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Area rugs india, Persian rugs from india, handmade rugs from india, floor coverings from india
  We deal in a vast range of floor coverings from expensive fine oriental rugs to broadloom carpets with prices ranging from $0.30 per sq ft ($3.23 per sq m) to $30 per sq ft ($323 per sq m). We have a formidable array of products that span the entire spectrum of floor coverings that are made in India - from hand knotted to hand tufted and machine made products.

We travel overseas as often as 3 to 4 times a year to keep abreast with the latest developments in floor coverings and fashion, attending both the Atlanta Rug Market and the Domotex Fair.

With over 20 clients worldwide we have acquired a reputation for being amongst the most knowledgeable, innovative and professional companies in the carpet industry in India.

This website aims to introduce us and our product range. It has been categorized on the basis of Price Points and Construction Qualities.

We invite you to review our collections, which have been sorted under the following headings:
|: Fine Orientals
|: Lifestyle Orientals
|: Budget Orientals
|: Contemporary
|: Tufted Traditional
|: Tufted Contemporary
|: Shaggys & Flat Weaves
|: Natural Fibres
|: Machine Made
|: Contract / Project Work
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